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TN - 1265 Citect Patches



This article from InSource shows the bug fixes that are included in the patch.

  • Author: Chris Cleope    
  • Published: 6/15/2022
  • Applies to: Plant Scada


  1. Citect Studio stops working when strong-name verification is enabled
    The Citect Studio executable (and Industrial Graphics Editor in 8.30) now has a valid strong-name signature, so the executable starts up successfully when strong-name verification is enabled. Note that the Industrial Graphics Runtime will not work with strong-name verification enabled.
  2. Incorrect CPU number assigned in Computer Setup Wizard
    Modifying CPU Affinity in the Computer Setup Wizard will now save the correct CPU number, even where there are 10 cores or greater.
  3. The trend selection rubber band color needs to be configurable
    A new ini parameter [AnmCursor]RubberBandColor has been added to allow the color of the trend selection rubber band to be configurable.
  4. Header row background overlaps with content row in alarms list
    The header row background would overlap with content row information even when the Drawheader parameter was set to zero in the AlarmListCreate CiCode function. The Drawheader parameter setting is now checked and the header row displays correctly.
  5. Actual timestamp mode required for TrnQuery CTAPI queries
    When making TrnQuery queries via CTAPI, you can now set bit 0x2000000 (33554432) in the "displayMode" argument to return the actual timestamp of the min/max/newest sample in the sample period, instead of the mean timestamp of all the samples in the period. Leave this bit set to 0 for the old behavior.


Note: all of these patch notes can be downloaded from the patch 5 update under the product hub.