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TN - 1204 Citect MultiMonitor setup


This article from InSource shows you how to add multiple monitors to your Citect project.

  • Author: Chris Cleope
  • Published: 12/16/2021
  • Applies to: Citect


  1. Open your Citect.ini under the configuration folder.
  2. Citect can allow up to 8 monitors running on a single project. Add the following parameters to allow this to work.
    -[MultiMonitors]Monitor = (You can put 1-8 here)
  3. Once configured, run through the computer setup wizard and you see the option for your monitors. For an example I put 4.


  1. If you do not see this for some reason you must add ScreenProfile to your ini.


  1. You can then add your screens as you want them to be.


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