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TN W190 Switching Alt Tab combination on Window 7 to perform in the way it did on Windows XP.



The following approach can be used to revert to Windows XP functionality for the Alt + Tab key combination.

  • Author: Joseph Hefner
  • Published: 08/15/2017
  • Applies to: Windows 7



Step 1) 

From the search type in regedit and double click on the regedit.exe icon:



Step 2) 

Navigate to the location below:



Step 3) 

Right Click on the Explorer folder and choose New \ DWord value:


Step 4) 

Name the new DWord "AltTabSettings":




Step 5) 

Double Click on the DWord and assign it a value of 1:



To revert this change, delete the registry key, logoff Windows and logon again