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TN PT108 Restart or Shut Down a Remote Computer and Document the Reason

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When managing multiple workstations and servers, it often may be required to restart a single or multiple computers at a given time. The instruction below from InSource documents how to perform this task. 


  • Author: Michael Walker
  • Published: 06/25/2015
  • Applies to: Microsoft Windows Operating Systems




From a command line run the following command:


Shutdown /I




To use the dialog perform the following tasks as numbered in the following screenshot:



  1. Add computer(s) to the list for remote management.
  2. Choose the option necessary. Valid options are:
    • Shutdown
    • Restart
    • Annotate Unexpected Shutdown
  3. Time to display warning message to user
  4. Fill out details that best describes why the event is occurring across the machines.