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82671 - Thin manager questions


Initial setup, configuration, licensing. Questions in tasks


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Q1) I assume that we have to have 6 RDP licenses available for the thin clients? Yes. You will need a RDP license for each session. Q2) Does the redundant ThinManager server also need to be set up as a RDP License server? This makes sense. Your best option for RDS licensing is to keep it consistent with the way you are currently configured on your existing system. Our team doesn’t know about RDS pricing models but you would need to be able to run all 6 sessions on either server in the event that the other server goes down for some reason. Q3) It would be great if you had any guidance as far as setting up the WYSE 5070 terminals (running Windows 10 IoT) to work with ThinManager. We don’t have a specific document for WYSE 5070 but I suspect you will need to configure PXE boot on the thin client and have it listed as first in the boot order. Below are some documents \ tech notes that contain information about configuring and setting up PXE boot. Please take a look at these documents and let me know if I can do anything more to help. PXE Server Configuration ThinManager and PXE Boot Using PXE Boot with Static IP Addresses

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