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TN - 1189 How to Configure the j5 Tag Simulator



This article from InSource shows How to configure the j5 built in simulator

  • Author: Ron Tanner
  • Published: 09/23/2021
  • Applies to: J5


If you need to configure an IndustraForm to retrieve tag data from a data source, but you don't have access to a real I/O data source, you can create a j5 Tag Simulator by completing the following steps:


1.) Use DbFiler to import simulation_tags.xml by opening a Command Prompt, going to:- 

"C:\Program Files (x86)\j5\framework\packages\j5\EventStream\DataSources\TagSimulator\simulation\dbxml" 

and running:- 

"C:\Program Files
(x86)\j5\framework\bin\DbFiler.exe” -f simulation_tags.xml 

2.) Open the “j5 System Management Console” 

3.) Select “Simulated Tag Source” in the tree on the left


4) Click “Save & Verify” 

5) Click j5 in the tree on the top left and then Refresh then select “Deploy Changes”

When you start j5 after completing the above steps a new menu called "Tag Simulator" shows up under the Configuration tab in your j5 site.  Selecting the menu option should present you with the preconfigured tags (from the XML file you imported earlier in Step 1). You can either modify the tags or add your own. 

In your IndustraForm you can retrieve the tag values from your simulated data source ("demo_sim").

You can also configure your Tag Simulator to configure tags automatically by selecting "Create missing tags as Manual" in the “j5 System Management Console”


Using this option will enable j5 to automatically create a tag if you try to retrieve a tag value from the simulated data source which does not exist. You can then modify the tag configuration (if required).

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