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TN - 1135 Exporting j5 support logs



Demonstrates the process of exporting the j5 support files.

  • Author: Ron Tanner
  • Published: 3/31/2021
  • Applies to: j5 2019


How To export j5 support files

When your j5 system encounters an issue, you will need to send Technical Support the logs files and other supporting files.



1.)    You must login to j5 as an Administrator to export the files.

2.)    After login select “Server Admin/Debug/Support Files.

3.)    Click the button “All j5 Support Files.  If technical support only asks for the log files you can select the hyperlink below the button named “Log Files only” clipboard_e3238868946e4d628f85d167d800d949f.png

4.)    Generating all the support files can take a while.

5.)    When completed the support files will be compressed and you can Email to technical support.

It may be necessary to upload the files using an alternate method if the file size exceeds your mail server’s max attachment size.


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