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TN - 1056 Adding an IndustraForm Dashboard to j5

Adding an IndustraForm Dashboard to j5

Adding an IndustraForm Dashboard to j5

  • Author: Ron Tanner
  • Published: 12/17/2020
  • Applies to: j5 International


Please note: Information indicated in red are constants and should not be changed.

Step 1:

  • In the module that needs a dashboard add the file named 'industraformdashboards.yml'.


  • Add the following details in the 'industraformdashboards.yml' file:

schema: "industraformdashboards" 

version: "1.0" 


    title: "Custom Dashboard"
    industraform_spec: "j5.WorkInstructions.FormDashboards.test"


Step 2:


  • Add a folder named 'FormDashboards' in the same module and create a file with the extension . form.yml  into that folder with the same name as referenced in the .yml config file in step 1. In this case test.form.yml


  • Copy the code of the IndustraForm created from the File tab in designer and paste it in the form.yml file. In this case paste it in test.form.yml file.




Step 3:

  • Add a module.yml file to the FormDashboards folder with the following details:

version: "1.2" 
schema: "module" 




Step 4:

  • Add relevant permissions to the folder that contains the industraformdashboards.yml file.  Please note permissions should be assigned to the section name mentioned while creating  the industraformdashboards.yml config file.  In this case its ‘custom’. (Refer Step 1)


Step 5:

  • Run j5.



  • Changes to the IndustraForm are loaded on the fly, no need to re-start j5 
  • If want to add an entirely new dashboard then a re-start is needed, no need to run Setup Wizard though 
  • Hiding the 'Form Version', Note, Flag and submission section 
  • Check j5 start up - for the start of the dashboard’s app, etc.





  • Drill Down into other dashboards is not supported
  • Cannot export the dashboard to .pdf 





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