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TN - 1427 AutoSave Chain Not Valid Error for MDT AutoSave


This article from InSource shows how to resolve a Chain Not Valid (certificate is self-signed) installation error for MDT AutoSave.

  • Author:  Rich Brooks
  • Published:  3/24/2024
  • Applies to:  MDT AutoSave Server v8.5


The AutoSave Broker generates a 'Chain Not Valid (certificate is self-signed)' when it is installed on a server without internet access. 


AutoSave is often installed on servers that are air-gapped.  Security policies prohibit access to the internet from the process network.  Certificates are automatically installed when the AutoSave connects to the MDT website the first time.  The required certs may be downloaded from the MDT website when no internet is available.  Below is the link to the download.  A login to the MDT website may be required.

AutoSave Certificates

Start by searching on Manage computer certificates.


Right-click on Certificates under Trusted Root Certification Authorities to select All Tasks | Import from the dialog.


Click on the Next button to install to the Local Machine.


Click on the Browse... button to open the folder with the certificates that were downloaded from the MDT website and copied to the server.


The two certificates highlighted above need to be imported one at a time.


Click on the Next button to place the certificate in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities.


The first certificate is installed.  Click on the Finish button and repeat the steps to install the second certificate.

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