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TN WIS109 Publishing InTouch windows to Wonderware Information Server using Archestra Web Exporter

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Wonderware Information Server has the ability to display InTouch graphics, showing information about a currently running process.  This document will describe how to use the Archestra Web Exporter which can be used to publish InTouch Windows with Archestra graphics.


  • Author: Dillon Perera
  • Published: 10/16/2015
  • Applies to: Wonderware Information Server




Tools for sending windows to WIS

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There are two tools available for publishing InTouch windows to a WIS server:

  1. Win-XML Exporter: Used for publishing classic Intouch applications to WIS.  Does not support Archestra graphics.  Has been around for a long time.  Runs as seperate app off of start menu.  Windows are published to the Process Graphics section of WIS.  Requires InTouch running for its data source.
  2. Archestra Web Exporter: Used for publishing managed InTouch applications.  Supports Archestra graphics.  Runs from within Archestra IDE.  Windows and graphics are published to the Archestra Graphics section of WIS.  Requires a platform deployed to it for Galaxy data, and InTouch running for tag data.


Installing Archestra Web Exporter

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  1. Open WIS website.
  2. Go to Administration > Archestra Web Exporter
  3. Install Microsoft Silverlight (if necessary)
  4. Install Archestra Web Exporter
  5. Once installed it will be available in the Archestra IDE.  (IF IDE was already open you will need to close and reopen the IDE)

Using Archestra Web Exporter:

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  1. Launch from Start > Programs >Wonderware > Archestra IDE, and connect to your galaxy
  2. From IDE toolbar select the "Create/Open Web Project" icon.
  3. Select to Create Web Project
    1. Provide the name of your project and where to store the project files.
    2. Enter the location of your WIS server, and press Verify URL.
    3. Press OK.
  4. On the Left side of the screen right-click on your project and select New Windowset.  A new WindowSet will be created (A folder for your InTouch Windows or graphics).  Note: This name will be published to the WIS server.
  5. Select what you want to publish:
    1. Archestra Graphics:
      1. On the Right side of the program select the tab for Archestra Symbols.
      2. You can either select to display a graphic directly from the Graphic Toolbox, or from an object instance by using the icons on the toolbar
      3. When you find your graphic, double-click on it to add it to the currently selected WindowSet.
    2. InTouch Windows
      1. Go to File > Open Managed InTouch Application
      2. Select your application.
      3. On the Right hand side your InTouch Windows should be displayed.
        1. If not displayed, select the InTouch Windows tab.
      4. Drag the window you want to the appropriate WindowSet.
  6. On the Left side right click on either the project or your WindowSet and select Publish to send the files to the WIS server.