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TN OMI113 Add Historian Client Trend tags dynamically in OMI



How to Add Historian Client Trend tags dynamically to an OMI Application

  • Author: Mike Viteri
  • Published: 5/5/2020
  • Applies to: Software Name & Version


1. You will have to create a  ViewApp Namespace that will hold the tags. In this example I have called the name space mytrendsettings.



2. Open the name space you need to click “Add” Then change to name to a string. In this example I called it mikespens. Under Initial values you can give a set of Historized Tags to start with. They are called Userdeifined_001.Count and Systimesec.


Note: Each tag name has to be separated by a comma.




3. Now when you open your OMI application. Your default pens will be loaded when the Trend appears.



4. Now create an Archestra graphic with a button that will allow you to change the pens. In this example my button is called “Pens”.  I created an action script on the button which uses the reference. MyViewApp.Mytrendsettings.mikespens. In the example below im passing the “systimehour”tag. I can add any tags and when the button is clicked it dynamically changes the tags on the trend screen.



5. Now when clicking the pens button, the Trend automatically changes the pen to Systimehour