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TN ITME110 Initializing ADAM Modules for use with InTouch ME



This article from InSource shows how to initialize Advantech ADAM I/O modules for use with Wonderware InTouch Machine Edition.

  • Author: Rich Brooks
  • Published: 3/16/2017
  • Applies to: InTouch ME v8.0 and higher


The first step to initialize the ADAM modules is to install the Advantech Automation AdamApax .NET Utility.  This may be installed from the ADAM module CD or downloaded from the Advantech website.  Run the installer for the utility.


Click the Next> button three times to accept all of the defaults on each page.  


Click on the Close button to complete the install.  Run the AdamApax.NET utility from the start button | All Programs | Advantech Automation | AdamApax .NET Utility | AdamApax .NET Utility.


Right-click onEthernet to select Search Device from the dropdown list.  This will search for all ADAM modules on the network.


All of the modules default to an IP address of  Assign a fixed IP to each of the ADAM modules.  Click on the Apply change button for each.

Expand out each of the modules to assign the corresponding input range for each channel as required.


Click on the apply button.  Repeat for each module.  The modules may then be connected to from InTouch ME.  Use the MOTCP protocol to utilize Modbus communication.