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TN IT347 Passing an Operator's Interaction from InTouch (For System Platform) to a Historical Event



This article from InSource shows how to make sure that an operator's action of accessing a Non-System Platform based function in InTouch can still record when an Operator interacted with it. 

  • Author: Glenn Yancey    
  • Published: 06/26/2020
  • Applies to: InTouch for System Platform (2017 and Higher)


There may be an occasion that from within InTouch (an ArchestrA or Industrial) that you might be using it to access a function that isn't tied back to Galaxy such as opening up a .NET control to open up a PDF file or browse a Web Page.   The thing is that the Galaxy doesn't tract those as User Events where an action is traced.   It is important to create a bit in the Galaxy (Boolean Attribute) that is there to capture when an Operator selects that function.   

  1. So I've added 3 users into my security model.   
    • Myself (gyancey)
    • Arnold Schwartzenegger (aschwartzenegger)
    • Sylvester Stallone (sstallone)
  2.  I still have to create a single bit (Boolean attribute) in my platform, AppEngine, or Area that is there to show when a user has interacted with it.   I'm using the History Block model for my alarms and events, which can still be accessed via SQL with the v_AlarmEventHistory2 view that shows my past Historical alarms and events (with user interactions).
    1. The one in this example is an attribute called ReportAccessed which I've added to my AppEngine's list of attributes.   
  3. After adding a login screen in an ArchestrA/Industrial Graphic, I can then select a report that is geared towards me.   This button has an attribute that will record that user's interaction with $Operator showing in the query.   






















4. The final query will show when each user had selected their report.   I have the query filtered to show where the AlarmState is NULL (this is one way to filter for Events) and used the ORDER BY function to show me the most recent based on my EventStamp.  We see when the buttons where selected, and who the operator was that selected their report.