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TN IT325 Rebuilding a Corrupt Modern InTouch Application



This article from InSource shows how to rebuild a Wonderware Modern InTouch application.  It is assumed that a backup or export of the application in aaPKG format is unavailable.  The project folder is available, but the galaxy database is missing in this example.

  • Author:  Rich Brooks
  • Published:  12/10/2018
  • Applies to:  Wonderware InTouch 2014 R2 SP1 and higher


The following popup message is an indication of corruption when attempting to open the application in WindowMaker.


Open the Log Viewer from the Wonderware System Management Console (SMC) for more information.


The associated galaxy database is not found.


Start the rebuild process by exporting the tag dictionary from the corrupted project folder.  Right-click on the application to select DBDump from the list.


Next, create a new Modern application by clicking on the New icon on the toolbar.


Open the new application one time in WindowMaker to initialize the project. Close the WindowMaker when initialized.


Load the previously exported tag dump file by right-clicking on the new project to select DBLoad.  Browse to the CSV file location.


Open the WindowMaker.  Select File | Import... | Windows and Scripts... from the menu.


Browse to the project folder for the corrupted InTouch application.


Be sure to click on each of the SELECT buttons to choose Select All Windows and Scripts.


Check the checkbox for Use Existing Tags (Conserver Placeholders).  This will link the windows and scripts with the tags imported previously.

Click on the import button.  The rebuild is then complete.