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TN IT303 Comparing NAD to Deployment for InTouch Updates

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This article from InSource compares Network Application Development (NAD) and Deployment for Wonderware InTouch updates.  NAD is used with InTouch Standalone applications.  Deployment is used with InTouch Managed applications.

  • Author:  Rich Brooks
  • Published:  1/12/2018
  • Applies to:  Wonderware InTouch 2017 and above


There are some key differences between NAD and deployed updates as listed below.  Otherwise, they operate in the same fashion.

InTouch Standalone  App

  • NAD is optional with InTouch Standalone.  It is enabled by checking the checkbox for "Enable Network Application Development".
  • It is configured from the InTouch Application Manager by selecting Tools | Node Properties.
  • The Local working directory is C:\Users\Public\Wonderware\NAD.
  • There is a Polling period in seconds.  This is how often it checks for changes.
  • Capture1.png

InTouch Managed App

  • Deployment of updates is required for Managed Applications.
  • It is configured from the IDE by opening the InTouchViewApp template.  Select Special | Configure | WindowViewer from the menu in WindowMaker.
  • The Local working directory is C:\ProgramData\ArchestrA\ManagedApp.
  • There is a Reminder interval in seconds.  It may be set to zero for no reminder. The changes will load on restart of WindowViewer.