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TN IT290 Setting up ports for InTouch Access Anywhere Secure Gateway

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This article from InSource shows the ports necessary to properly setup the Secure Gateway server to work with Wonderware InTouch Access Anywhere.

  • Author: Rufus Handsome
  • Published: 10/20/2017
  • Applies to: Wonderware InTouch Access Anywhere & Secure Gateway 2014R2 and higher


To setup the Secure Gateway Server, the following ports must be configured on the computer hosting
the Secure Gateway:
• Port 443 is required between an external network and the
Secure Gateway server. This is a common port that is also used
by Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS), and / or by
Remote Desktop, if Remote Desktop itself is enabled. Check for
port conflicts. The port can be changed.

• Port 8080 is required between the Secure Gateway Server and
the InTouch Access Anywhere Server. The port can be changed.

• The Secure Gateway includes an HTTP proxy that listens on
port 80 by default. The port can be disabled after installing the
Secure Gateway.

Important: If Microsoft IIS is running on the same server that will
host the Secure Gateway, make sure there are no port conflicts. Either
change the IIS ports to values other than 80 and 443, or change the
Secure Gateway port to a value other than 443 and disable the HTTP
auto redirect feature after the installation. If there is a port conflict on
either the HTTP or HTTPS port, the Secure Gateway does not operate properly.