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TN IT279 Running a Batch File on Startup for InTouch in Windows 10



This article from InSource shows how to launch the Wonderware InTouch WindowViewer on startup from Microsoft Windows 10.

  • Author: Rich Brooks
  • Published: 6/27/2017
  • Applies to: InTouch 2014R2 SP1 and higher


The InTouch WindowViewer may be launched from a sequential batch file that is added to the following startup folder.

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

Note:  ProgramData is a hidden folder by default.

The view.exe will open on startup of the workstation, but results in the following error message.


The message will popup repeatedly due to the requirement to run the application as an administrator.  This may be resolved by creating a shortcut to launch the startup batch file.  Right-click on the batch file to select properties and then click on the Advanced button from the General tab.


Select the checkbox for Run as administrator and click the OK button to apply.  The shortcut will launch the batch file as administrator to avoid the memory error popups.

Unfortunately, shortcut files do not run from the Windows startup folder.  A workaround is to create a second batch file to call the shortcut.  Create the second batch file with a single command line as shown below.

start <path><shortcut filename>

Copy the second batch file into the startup folder instead of the first one.  The second batch file will trigger the shortcut configured with run as administrator which in turn runs the sequential view.exe batch file.  The Memory Manager error popup messages are eliminated.