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TN IT274 Creating A Generic Timestamp Display In InTouch



This article from InSource Solutions shows you how to make a generic timestamp display in InTouch.

  • Author: Daniel London
  • Published: 05/31/2017
  • Applies to: InTouch


This article walks you through how to create a generic timestamp display in Wonderware InTouch. This can be used to show an operator when a process was last executed by including this display as part of an executed script.

  1. Create a memory message tag to display the date/time string. The example tag I used is TimeStampStringTag.


  1. Create a window with a button to execute the script and a label to display the timestamp string.


  1. Right click the button and go to Animation Links. We are going to select the Touch Pushbuttons/Action animation.


  1. Enter the following script (we are using the memory message tag we created in step one).

TimeStampStringTag = $TimeString + " " + $DateString;

$TimeString and $DateString are two system string tags that display the time and date.


  1. Right click the label and go to Animation Links. Select the Value Display/String.


  1. Assign the value display to the memory message tag that was created in step 1.


  1. Save changes and open the window in WindowViewer. Click the button and the timestamp string will be displayed in the label. It will update each time the button is clicked.