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TN IT242 Considerations when Migrating InTouch applications to another PC




Things to consider when upgrading an Intouch application from one PC to another

  • Author: Mike Viteri
  • Published: 12/1/2016
  • Applies to: Intouch


  1. Active X Controls - Active X controls that are used within Intouch are actually controls that exist in windows that are installed by another program. If you need the same Active X Control this program will need to be installed on the new computer. When you go though the upgrade process with Intouch on a new PC you will get an error that says "Invalid reference or unknown OCX Method" if the control is missing.



  1. Scripts - Scripts should be checked for following
  • Nodename scripts - these will have to be change if the computer name is changing
  • Sendkeys scripts - this function is not supported in the later releases of Intouch
  • IOAccessname scripts 
  • Password scripts - the password.bin is now encrypted and you cannot read the passwords out
  1. SPCPro also know as Statistical Process Control (SPC) is no longer supported in Intouch 2014R2. The replacement is QI Analyst or MES Quality
  2. Database connections or reading/writing to files
  • Database - SQL Server or access database on the machine
  • Text files- text files that are used to read/write data
  • Excel - is excel used to read/write data


  1. Device Integration
  • Does the computer have the correction connections. Serial?Data Highway?
  • Using a New IO/OI server?
  • Do you have to change any of the items inside of the Intouch application?
  • Does any accessname have to be changed.