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TN IT233 How to force recompile an Intouch Application




This article from InSource shows how to force recompile an Intouch application. This article allows you to force Wonderware Intouch to recompile the application even though changes have not been made. This will also help correct errors that are received when Windowviewer starts up.


Note: Do not delete the .wvw files if you don't have the source .win files. This can be verified by opening the window up in Windowmaker.

  • Author: Mike Viteri
  • Published: 8/29/2016
  • Applies to: Intouch


1. Make sure Intouch is shutdown.

2. Go to your project directory. If you don't know your project directory you can open the Intouch application manager and it will show the path.



3. Once in the project directory you will need to delete the files that are created at runtime. Delete the following files

  • retentive.*
  • .wvw
  • .avl


4. Rerun Windowviewer. The application will recompile and the files you deleted will be recreated.