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TN IT225 How to set a Remote Desktop Timeout Limit for InTouch Access Anywhere




This article from InSource shows to how to logoff a Remote Desktop user who has closed out of the InTouch Access Anywhere (ITAA) browser session by setting a Remote Desktop Timeout Limit.

  • Author: Glenn Yancey
  • Published: 08/31/2016
  • Applies to: InTouch Access Anywhere (2012 R2 and above)


When you close a browser tab (ie. Chrome, IE, Firefox, etc), your Remote Desktop Session is still running on the RDS server (Remote Desktop Server)  despite your InTouch Access Anywhere interface having been closed.  This, however, may keep your InTouch RDS session running, consuming a license out of your pool of InTouch RDS licenses.  

To set a limit to logoff a user after closing an ITAA session, the following must be done.  

  1. Go to Start -> Administrative Tools -> Remote Desktop Services -> Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration




  1. Then with the “RD Session Host Configuration” selected on the left, you need to right-click on your connection under Connections, and go to Properties.



  1. Then click on the Sessions tab in Properties, and then select Override User Settings, and then change it from 1 minute to a separate time.   Then hit Apply and OK.



  1. This won’t take effect until the next time a session has been started for a user.