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TN IT222 Upgrading InTouch with Recipe Manager Language Translations




This article from InSource provides hints on upgrading a Wonderware InTouch HMI with Recipe Manager language translations.

  • Author: Rich Brooks
  • Published: 8/17/2016
  • Applies to: InTouch 2014R2 SP1 and higher


OEM supplied equipment is sometimes supplied with a Wonderware InTouch HMI.  Older versions of InTouch (such as 7.11) often used the Recipe Manager feature to provide translations.  For example, the equipment was built in France and shipped to the US with French to English translations.

The PC supplied with the equipment may have an operating system configured with the local region where it was sourced.  Recipe Manager saves the language translation in CSV format files.  The default delimiter used may change from country to country.  For example, the default from France was a semicolon and the default in the US is a comma.  You may see an error message such as shown below when attempting to open the recipe CSV file.


Changing the Region settings in the new HMI PC is one way to resolve this issue.  Type Region from the search field on the task bar.  Click on the Additional settings... button.


The delimiter for the Recipe Manager CSV file may be changed by updating the List Separator field.


The default is a comma for the US, but may be changed to a semicolon or other character as needed.  Click on the OK button to save the change.

Note:  An alternative is to find and replace all of the semicolons with commas in the CSV file.  It is important to first find and replace any preexisting commas with a different character such as a space or underscore before replacing the semicolons.  This will allow the use of the default region settings for the list separator.

Open each of the Recipe Manager CSV files from the WindowMaker.  Resolve any errors such as blank lines or missing tags.  Blank lines may be deleted from the CSV file.  Missing tag references may need to be added to the tag dictionary or removed from the CSV file.

Save each Recipe Manager CSV file after it opens without errors from the WindowMaker.