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TN IT221 Using AXIS Media Control With InTouch




This article from InSource shows how to use the AXIS media control (ActiveX) to display and control various camera models from AXIS in an InTouch application.  It also goes over how to use the video decoder (P7701) to send a command via InTouch to a display for switching (and/or controlling) camera's without a PC present. 

The AXIS P7701 Video Decoder provides a simple monitoring solution by enabling analog or digital monitors/projectors to connect to and display live video from Axis network cameras and video encoders. In situations where only live video display is required— such as with a public view monitor at a store entrance, AXIS P7701 offers a more cost-effective solution than using a PC for connecting a monitor. AXIS P7701 can also complement a video management system by helping to offload the main server from decoding digital streams simply for display purposes. (

  • Author: Lewis Talley
  • Published: 08/12/2016
  • Applies to: InTouch (2014 R2 and Others)


Step 1

download and install the AXIS media control SDK from:



Step 2

register the ActiveX control with InTouch (AxisMediaControl Class):


Step 3

There are several ways to do this, but I dropped the AxisMediaControl on an InTouch window and added a button with the following touch action script:


where Camera1Address is defined as:


The way this breaks down is different for each camera, but it is basically like this scheme:

http://<ip address of camera>/mpg/video.mjpg

(more info here)


Step 4

Test application in window viewer.  Mine has 3 cameras all pointed at the walls in my office :-)


data change script tied to listbox:


Using the P 7701 Video Decoder

Assuming the ActiveX control is registered, you just need to send a formatted command to the decoder to "tell it" which camera to display. 

The decoder is a string message (as formatted below):

to switch cameras you just need to append which camera you want:




The end result is that the TV in my office will switch cameras when I press the play button to the desired camera with no computer hooked up to the TV (just the P 7701 is).