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TN IT215 Preventing Return To Normal (RTN) events from displaying in a view Type Application


Preventing Return To Normal (RTN) events from showing up with a View Type Application


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  • Author: Peter Farrell
  • Published: 03/30/2016
  • Applies to: InTouch 10.x and above


When an InTouch application is configured as a View type application, it is not possible to use he InTouch based alarm configuration options to limit the alarm display to only active unacknowledged, and prevent Return To Normal status event from being published in the alarm display.


As can be seen in the screen shot below of the popup that appears when you configure the application to be a “view” type application, it is advised that, “Also note that no historical logging or alarming is done within InTouchView. However, an InTouchView can be used to display alarms generated by objects in the "Galaxy", i.e. in the Application Engine.”


However, since with a View type application all alarms are Galaxy based, it is possible to limit the display by using the ArchestrA dot net control alarm display and implementing a query filter and setting the state to “All ALM Records” only.

With the ArchestrA Graphic symbol hosting the Dot Net Alarm Display, double click on the display to open it’s properties. You can now build a new query filter.


Note that unless the Alarm Mode is configured for Historical mode, you will have to add criteria for "Group" and "Provider or cancel this operation and change the mode to Historical Alarm mode before creating the query. Attempts to save your query without these criteria will warn you to do so with the following popup.


Once you have created your query filter, you can reference the filter by name at the end of your alarm query separated by another exclamation mark: