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TN IT201 Limit Windows OS Access while WindowViewer is running (Ctrl Alt Del menu)




For Operator PCs it may be beneficial to limit access to the Windows OS while WindowViewer is running.  This can be accomplished with the EnableDisableKeys() function.


  • Author: Dillon Perera
  • Published: 12/30/2015
  • Applies to: InTouch 10.0 and up




The EnableDisableKeys() function can be used to allow or disallow the use of the Alt key, the Escape key, and the Windows key on the keyboard.  In doing this, it will also prevent access to programs list task manager when the user presses Ctrl + Alt + Del.


The syntax for this function is EnableDisableKeys(AltKey, EscKey, WinKey), using a 1 to disable the key, and a 0 to enable it.


Disabling the Alt key and Win key will limit the options when you click Ctrl+Alt+Del.


Disabling the Alt key - EnableDisableKeys(1,0,0): This will disable all options on the Ctrl+Alt+Del menu.



Disabling the Esc key - EnableDisableKeys(0,1,0): This will not have any effect on the Ctrl+Alt+Del menu, allowing all options to be seen.



Disabling the Win key - EnableDisableKeys(0,0,1): This will disable remove the option to Lock the computer, but will keep the other options on the Ctrl+Alt+Del menu.



Enabling all the keys - EnableDisableKeys(0,0,0): This will set everything back to defaults, and you will again see all options on the Ctrl+Alt+Del menu.