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TN IT177 Editing the InTouch Runtime Window Location



***   Internal Use Only   ***




This tech note provides instructions on fixing an InTouch project that has all windows slightly out of location in runtime.


  • Author: Rich Brooks
  • Published: 11/6/2015
  • Applies to: InTouch v11.1 and higher




This may be caused by selecting Yes to convert the application to a different resolution when opening the InTouchViewApp template from the IDE.  In this case, the WindowMaker's Lock Window Size property is checked (enabled) to avoid a resize of the windows.  The windows are just moved out of location which is noticeable at runtime.


Note:  Check in the $InTouchViewApp template, export this template object to create a backup, and exit from the IDE before proceeding with this fix.


The InTouchViewApp template is stored in two folders as listed below.


\Program Files (x86)\ArchestrA\Framework\FileRepository\<GalaxyName>\ObjectFileStorage\<InTouchViewAppName>


Navigate to each of the CheckedIn and CheckOut folders to locate the intouch.ini file.


Both of the files will be the same if the template is checked in.  It is safest to edit each of the files individually in case something goes wrong.


Open the intouch.ini file using Notepad.  Scroll down to the section listing the window location and size.


Edit the highlighted lines to match the setting in the screen capture above.  Save both files when complete.  The window location will be corrected the next time the application is deployed.