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TN IT174 How to create a simple Key Script in InTouch

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In this Tech Note we will create a simple key script to start a calculator when pressing a desired key. This maybe useful if you've locked down your application but the operator is required to use this to make calculations whilst working at their station.


  • Author: Alex Davenport
  • Published: 11/18/2015
  • Applies to: InTouch All versions




1 Open WindowMaker and navigate to the scripts area then double click the Key folder.




2 This shows the Key Scripts editor. Click on the Key button as seen below.




3 A list of programmable buttons appear and for this example we will select F12.



4 The Key Scripts editor updates with the chosen key.




5 Click on the Functions All button and all available functions will appear. For this example we will choose the StartApp function. This then updates the editor with the chosen function and for this example we will have the Windows calculator "calc" entered. Click the OK button.




6 Switch to Runtime and press the F12 key on your keyboard. The windows calculator will now appear on your screen.