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TN IT173 How to configure the Alarm Pareto ActiveX in InTouch

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This Tech Note walks you through configuring the Alarm Pareto ActiveX in InTouch to see what the top 5 Alarms were over a designated time period.


  • Author: Alex Davenport    
  • Published: 11/12/2015
  • Applies to: InTouch All Versions




1 Create a Window in InTouch for your Alarm Pareto ActiveX. Click on the Wizard hat to access your ActiveX Controls.




2 Click on the Alarm Pareto ActiveX and then click the OK button.




3 The Alarm Pareto ActiveX will be placed on your Window. 




3 Double click the Alarm Pareto ActiveX  and the below editor appears which will enable you to configure how you wish this to be displayed in Runtime.




4 Click on the Database Tab and configure this to connect to your Alarm Database. Input your credentials making sure that you use the SQL Systems Administrator username and password. As seen below for InTouch version 10.6 and below the database will be the WWAlmDB and for 2014 and above use A2ALMDB.




5 Click on Test Connection and if this has been configured correctly you should see the below confirmation that connection has succeeded. Click the OK button.




5 Click on the General Tab and click on the Display Mode to choose what you would like to display from the provided options. Also choose in the Bar Count how many bars you wish to display at Runtime. In this case I have chosen Alarm History and a bar count of 5.




6 Click on the Selection Tab to define what time period you would like to interrogate the alarm database for. In this example I'm choosing All Records.




7 Click to Runtime and the configured values will be displayed in your Alarm Pareto window.