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TN IT171 How to auto-start the Alarm Printer Utility.

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How to auto start the Alarm Printer Utility.


  • Author: Ernest Lee
  • Published: 11/25/2015
  • Applies to: 7.1 and higher (Updated for Windows 7 / Server 2008)




A batch file can automatically start the Alarm Printer utility and run a specified configuration. The syntax should be

AlmPrt.exe -q AnyFile.ALC.

The file with extension .ALC is the configuration file for the Alarm Printer Utility. The creation of this configuration file is documented in the section of the Alarm Printer Utility in the InTouch User's Guide.

Important! Make sure both AlmPrt.exe and AnyFile.ALC files are in the same directory as the batch file. This is usually the directory where Intouch is installed.

For example, here is a batch file called runit.bat in the directory c:\program files\wonderware\intouch containing the following line:

AlmPrt.exe -q testit.ALC

Once this batch file is created there are two ways to execute it - one on startup of the PC and the other on startup of the InTouch application.

Method 1

Add the batch file to the Startup folder. This will start the Alarm Printer utility in a maximized state.

Method 2

Alarm Printer can be started automatically in a minimized state. Do the following within the InTouch application. The example refers to same batch file runit.bat created earlier.

  1. In the Application Startup script editor:

    WWDosCommand( "runit.bat", "INVISIBLE" );
  2. In the Application While Running Every 5000 ms editor:

    WWControl( InfoAppTitle("AlmPrt"), "Minimize");

    The script functions WWDosCommand and WWControl can be found in the Tech Support Script Function Library in the Wonderware® Knowledgebase CD.