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TN IT154 Locking the InTouch Window Size

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This tech note from InSource is written to help in preventing the accidental changes caused to a Wonderware  InTouch application by a resolution change during development.


  • Author: Rich Brooks
  • Published: 9/15/2015
  • Applies to: InTouch v11.1 and higher




An InTouch application is saved in the resolution that is used to first create it.  It is critical to maintain that original resolution to avoid unwanted resizing of graphics.  The fonts often require adjustment after the application has been accidentally modified to a new resolution.  This can be a very time consuming task.  The introduction of Managed InTouch applications has made this less of a problem.   


The Integrated development environment (IDE) has made this easier by allowing ongoing development from different resolutions.  That is different from the original resolution that was used to create the windows.  Below is the dialog that is presented when attempting to open WindowMaker from the IDE.  Alway select the No option.



Another new option is the Lock Window Size checkbox from the WindowMake properties.  This will lock down the size of all of the windows even if the application resolution changes.  The application resolution resolution may then be changed to a different resolution and back without stretching or shrinking the size of the graphics and fonts.