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TN IT153 Customizing the intouch.ini file

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This article from InSource shows how to add Parameters to the intouch.ini file to get the behaviors you want to see in Runtime.


  • Author: Mike Viteri
  • Published: 9/1/2015
  • Applies to: Intouch




The following parameters in bold can be added to the intouch.ini file:


16PenTrendDrawMode-Determines whether a 16-Pen Trend shows data values in average mode or min-max mode. 

CommentRetentive-Determines whether run-time changes to the Alarm Comment field are saved. 

ForceLogCurrentValue-Determines whether the current value of logged tags are written to the Historical Log file at an interval set by the ForceLogging parameter. 

ForceLogging-Sets the length of the interval when tag values are periodically written to the Historical Log file regardless of their current values. 

LoopTimeOut-Sets the time out period of FOR-NEXT loop processing in an InTouch script. 

NoKeyboardResize-Determines whether the numeric keyboard is resized to the resolution of the WindowViewer screen. 

OldRightMouseBehavior-Determines whether the right mouse button is enabled in WindowMaker. 

PrintScreenWait-Sets the wait period before printing a screen from WindowViewer. 

PrintWindowWait-Sets the wait period before printing an InTouch window from WindowViewer. 

RemoteTagsLogEvents-Determines whether an InTouch application logs remote referenced tag alarms and events. 

RemoteTagsNoIOEvents-Determines whether an InTouch application logs remote referenced tag alarms. 

ScaleForResolution-Determines whether InTouch application windows are automatically resized when changing nodes that have different screen resolutions.