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TN IT141 Using SA Meters Optimal Range And Tracker

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This article describes how to use the Situational Awareness Library's SA_Meter object to gain some insight to an analog value by using the Optimal Range and Tracker Wizard Options.  The "values" populated into the custom properties take advantage of the new data type supported by ArchestrA graphics called "History Summary".  Covered in another article.


  • Author: Lewis Talley
  • Published: 07/09/2015
  • Applies to: System Platform 2014 R2




Step 1 is to create the custom properties on the graphic, and make sure you select the appropriate History Statistics.  For the Optimal Range Min and Max, I used the Min and Max History Statistics.  For the Tracker I used the Average as shown below:

custom properties.png


Step 2 is to turn on the options for Optimal Range and Tracker in the SA_Meter ArchestrA graphic.  Once they are turned on, some new custom properties of the graphic will appear to allow you to map your custom properties to what the graphic needs to work as shown below:

Runtime and config.png

The optimal range as indicated by the light gray in the runtime portion of the image can be used to quickly understand where a point is relative to its min/max (in my case).  The tracker as indicated by blue in the runtime image can be used to quickly understand where a point is relative to its average (in my case).  You can set the values of tracker and optimal range to any values that are meaningful in your process.