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TN IT138 How to set InTouch Security and configure a User

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How to set InTouch Security and configure a User


This document will walk you through how to enable InTouch Security from the default of None and how to configure users.


  • Author: Alex Davenport
  • Published: 06/29//2015
  • Applies to: InTouch All Versions


1 Open your Application in WindowMaker and select the Special Menu then Select Security Type option. As you see below if security hasn't been set previously it will be highlighted by None.





2 Change the selection to InTouch as seen below.






3 Click on the Special Menu then Security and click on the Log On option.




4 The Log On Window appears and type Administrator with the default password for security. If you are unsure of this please call Tech Support and this will be provided.





5 One logged in select the Special Menu then Security then the Configure Users option.




6 Type a User Name in the field then assign a password confirming this and an Access Level. Click the Add Button and the New User will be added to the list.




7 The new user has been added to the list as seen below. Follow the same procedure to add further users.