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TN IT121 InTouch Access Anywhere: How to Set The Client Resolution to Full Screen

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  • Author: Daniel London
  • Published: 04/10/2015
  • Applies to: InTouch Access Anywhere (All Versions)



There may be instances where InTouch Access Anywhere (IAA) does not display the entire resolution of an application on the clients that are accessing the IAA server.


The most common solution is to go to Application Manager on the server that is hosting the IAA application and change the resolution.

To do so....

  1. Go toTools -> Node Properties -> Resolution
  2. Check Allow WindowViewer to dynamically change resolution
  3. Set the Dynamic Resolution to either Convert to screen video resolution or a Custom resolution matching the dimensions of the client node.

Resolution Properties.jpg


Another method to maximize the screen/browser resolution for IAA is to modify the config.js file and set the Resolution property to screen.

The file is located at:  C:\Program Files (x86) -> Wonderware -> Intouch Access Anywhere Server -> WebServer -> AccessAnywhere

Open the file in Notepad and set the Resolution property to "screen".



After modifying the property, save the file as config.js in the location where you found it.

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