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TN IT112 Importing a window from a managed application created in a previous version of Intouch

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This article walks through the process you will need to follow to import an individual window from a Wonderware System Platform application that was developed in an earlier version of Wonderware Intouch.


  • Author: Joseph Hefner
  • Published: 03/25/2015
  • Applies to: Application Server 3.1 or later and Intouch 10.1 or later





Sometimes when you try to import a window that was developed in a different Intouch application you will encounter a message similar to the one below:




The following steps are the ones that will need to be followed in order to successfully import the Window.


Step 1)  Export the original application as an .aapkg file

This is done by right clicking the original applciation in the IDE and choosing Export \ Object as in the screenshot below:



Step 2) Import the aapkg into the new Galaxy

This is done by going into the Galaxy menu and choosing Galaxy \ Import  \ Objects and choosing the exported .aapkg file from Step 1.


Step 3) Open the newly imported application in WindowMaker 

To do this you simply double click on the application from within the IDE. Make sure you have the correct desktop resolution settings before opening the application because your application will be upgraded at this point. If you have a different resolution WindowMaker will ask you to convert.


Step 4)  Export the desired window from WindowMaker

To do this go to the File Menu and Choose Export \ Windows and choose a location you wish to export to and the windows that you wish to export:








Step 5) Import the exported windows into the new application

To do this open the new application that you wish to import the window into in WindowMaker and go to the File Menu and Choose Import \ Windows and Scripts and choose the location that you exported your window to in Step 4 and select the window you wish to import as in the screenshots below: