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TN IT110 InTouch SQLAccess Bind List Delimiters

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This shows how to use special delimiters in the Bind List Configuration of the SQLAccess functions of Wonderware's InTouch application.



  • Author: Mike Dudley
  • Published: 03/13/2015
  • Applies to: InTouch




Certain InTouch SQL functions have a default format that will pass information enclosed in single quotes. Some SQL databases expect a different type of delimiter, such as a bracket or double quotes. This is where the DELIM function (not case sensitive) will be helpful.


In the Bind List Configuration in the column name field, after the column name, type DELIM. The DELIM function must follow this format:  

  1. Left parenthesis
  2. Left delimiter
  3. A comma
  4. Right delimiter
  5. Right parenthesis

Example: myDateString delim (‘,’)


The following example uses the DELIM function with different delimiters.