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TN - 1144 Citect SCADA keys

Citect SCADA keys

Typically Citect Scada keys that start with serial number 0478 & 0479 are parallel port keys. However, newer computers do not come with a parallel port.

Your choices are to upgrade to a USB or Software Key or try to find a new computer that you can put a PCIex1 Parallel port slot adapter card in.


To upgrade to a Citect Scada USB key:

  1. CT109921  Citect SCADA Additional USB Key
  2. CT109401  License Transfer Fee

To upgrade to a Citect Scada Software Key:

  1. CT109924  Citect SCADA Software Key
  2. CT109401  License Transfer Fee


Citect Scada Version 6.0 was the first version a USB key could be used.

Citect Scada Version 7.3 was the first version to use a software key.

The parts above do not take into account any need to upgrade the software for operating system support.  That is best reviewed under Aveva’s support site with the Technology Matrix.

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