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TN - 1407 Using AVEVA License Server/Manager (version 4) to pull a Supervisory Client from a specific Entitlement (XML) License file (Part Number)



This article from InSource shows the new feature to Reserve a Device or User to pull from a Specific License File as a new capability in the AVEVA Enterprise License Server and Manager.

  • Author: Glenn Yancey
  • Published:  12/12/2023
  • Applies to:  AVEVA License Manager 4.0 and InTouch 2023


With the Enterprise License Manager 4.0, we now have a new feature within our Reservations to allow us to tie a USER or DEVICE to a license Part Number. There were occasions in the past where a client pulled a Historian or InTouch license from your Development Studio License rather than the Entitlement License (XML) specific to the part purchased.  


In this example, I am using an Advanced DevStudio license as well as a normal Historian license.   However, if I look in the License Manager, I see that the Client Node picked up the Historian Enterprise feature line from the License Server, when in fact, I might have needed the same feature line from a DIFFERENT ENTITLEMENT XML file that was dedicated for that Historian.  This example could have easily been a client node pulling an Supervisory Client from the wrong part number as well.  


To Force your client node to pull up the right license with License Server 4.0, you would go to Device Reservation or User Reservation.   You would add either a DEVICE or a USER, and then the licenses on the License Server will show up below.   You can select another Part Number if that License Manager below shows you another XML file.    You can even specify a SPECIFIC feature within a Part Number by selecting “Select Partial”.


This then exposes all of the feature lines for that Part Number, which in the case of my selecting of “Select Partial” on this Adv DevStudio license, there are a lot of feature lines to pull from.    Perhaps, I would like to Reserve a Specific Feature line (Supervisory Client) in that Part Number. 


In this example, I chose the Supervisory Client license.    After I selected add, I then can apply the Reservation, which shows now in the dialog box on the right with 1 Feature Line now reserved. 




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