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TN - 1376 Another Wonderware (AVEVA) Versions Map



   This article from InSource is an attempt to catalog a comprehensive collection of Wonderware Version information along with relevant links.

  • Author: Mario Meza
  • Published: 06/16/2023
  • Applies to: InTouch / Application Server / Historian / DA Server / OI Server / CDP


 Whether your new or a veteran, identifying Wonderware version information and relevent product links on the AVEVA site can take a little getting used to. This goal of this tech note is to assist you in quickly identifying key information from a single location. In addition to the friendly name and correlating decimal version number, each sheet includes a link to the readme, product download, and product data sheet in the Technology Matrix. This document is a work in progress and will be continually updated to include additional products.

NOTE: For the links in the documents to work, you will need to be logged into the AVEVA GCS site first, once logged in click the desired link again to be taken to the correct location.  You may see some gaps in links, that is because the resource does not exist on the AVEVA site. 

Before accessing any link in this tech note pleaes read this NOTE ON UNBLOCKING : A new feature of Windows 10 and newer operating systems is that downloaded files are flagged as potentially unsafe. This means that the OS will block the file from executing after it has been downloaded. Before interacting with a downloaded file in ANY way (copying, mounting, extracting etc) unblock the file by right-clicking to access Properties, select Unblock and apply (see below).

Failure to ensure this is the first action performed on a downloaded file can compromise an installation, introduce new issues and may render any hotfix or script library useless.




The InTouch versions cheat sheet can be accessed from the following link:



Application Server (IDE): 

The Application Server versions cheat sheet can be accessed from the following link:




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