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TN - 1367 WWControl Fails to Shutdown InTouch


This article from InSource shows how to shut down AVEVA InTouch HMI Runtime using the WWControl Function.

  • Author:  Rich Brooks
  • Published:  5/22/2023
  • Applies to:  AVEVA InTouch HMI 2023 P01 and higher


This article details what to check when the WWControl function fails to work properly.  The WWControl function may be used to shut down the InTouch WindowViewer from a script.  It will fail if there is no text defined for the title bar.

Define the Title bar text and/or check the checkbox to Show application directory in tile bar from the InTouch WindowMaker.  The title bar may be hidden with the Hide title bar checkbox checked.


Next, add the WWControl function to a script.  The following example uses an action script in a button on the window.  Use the following script syntax:

WWControl (InfoAppTitle("View"),"Close");


Test the button from InTouch runtime.  The WindowViewer will shut down as expected.