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TN - 1295 Correcting Window List Discrepancies



This article from InSource shows how to regenerate your Window list under "Windows and Scripts" in order to match your "Open Window" menu should they not match.

  • Author: Justin Benton
  • Published: 10/12/2022
  • Applies to: Intouch 2020 R2 Sp1


There may be instances in Windowmaker where your "Open Window" menu may not match your "Windows and Scripts" list. Typically, the Open Window menu tends to be the correct one, so the Windows and Scripts menu will need to be regenerated. Here's an example of what you may see and how to correct it.


Here is an example of a window that exists and is open in Windowmaker, but doesnt appear in the list:



To recifty this, there is a file in the application's application directory called "OrgHeir.xml" that you can remove from its location.

1. Close any open Intouch components

2. Navigate to the application directory and delete the OrgHeir.xml.

3. Launch Windowmaker again and you should see the corrected window list




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