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TN - 1244 Dynamic Resolution Failed after Upgrade


This article from InSource provides things to check when the AVEVA InTouch HMI screens fail to dynamically scale to the monitor resolution during runtime.  

  • Author:  Rich Brooks
  • Published:  4/19/2022
  • Applies to:  InTouch 2020 R2 SP1


The InTouch Dynamic Resolution feature allows the screen resolution to dynamically change in the WindowViewer.  It stretches the graphics to fill the screen when developed with a lower resolution.  The following example was originally developed in 1280x1024 resolution.  This original resolution is maintained from the WindowMaker. 

Note:  It is best to maintain the original resolution from development to prevent unwanted changes to the graphics.  Fonts are often resized too small or too large when allowed to resize from the WindowMaker.  

Upgrading the application from v9.5 to v20.1.1 resulted in the Dynamic Resolution failing to convert the screen resolution at runtime.  The following are a few things to check. 

Start with looking at the intouch.ini file located in the project folder.


 Edit the intouch.ini file using Notepad.  Set the EnableScreenResolution=1.

Next, check the WindowMaker Properties found on the menu from Special | Configure | WindowMaker... 


Uncheck the Lock Window Size property on the General tab.

Lastly, open the Node Properties dialog from the InTouch Application Manager.  Select the Resolution tab.


Check the checkbox for Allow WindowViewer to dynamically change resolution and click on the radio button for Convert to screen video resolution and click Ok.  The screen will then dynamically resize to fit the resolution from the WindowViewer.

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