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TN - 1186 Saving and Moving Logger Filters



This article from InSource shows how to save and move logger filters.

  • Author: Peter Farrell
  • Published: 9/15/2021
  • Applies to: All versions


If you frequently need to review your logger messages, building a list of filters which can be applied to the log file is a valuable troubleshooting tool. By applying filters, you will greatly reduce the amount of data that you need to look at when reviewing the log file.

The following screen shot shows several filters that have been saved in a logger over time. Those filters can be exported and moved to a different machine.


To access and export System Management Console Logger filters, click on the funnel with pencil icon on the Logger menu bar. The Filter pane will open.


Right click anywhere on the filter grid and select “Save Filter…”


You can now enter a name for your filter file and save the file as type Log Filter Files (*.aaFLT)”.  The file can be copied to any other machine on which the Aveva Logger is installed and opened by right clicking the logger grid and choosing “Load Filter…”