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TN - 1278 Migrating Applications In Intouch 2020 and Beyond



This article from InSource shows how to migrate applications in Intouch 2020 and further.

  • Author: Justin Benton
  • Published: 08/26/2022
  • Applies to: Aveva Intouch 2020 and Later


Due to application changes in Intouch 2020, there is no longer a requirement to house Industrial Graphics in a SQL database when migrating. In previous versions, for Modern applications, you needed to perform an export of the application in order to package everything properly for the migration. Stand Alone applications allowed you to just copy the application folder to the target machine, since they dont contain Industrial Graphics.


In 2020 and beyond, the traditional "export" is no longer required. Applications that are not managed by the IDE are simply Stand Alone applications now. They can be migrated to another machine simply by copying the application folder.


1. Launch the Intouch Application Manager and select the desired application


2. The folder icon will take you directly to the application folder when clicked.


3. From here, you can copy the application folder and take it to your target machine.


4. On the target machine, click the magnifying glass icon to find the application



5. Find your folder, and then you're done


This method only works on applications that are on 2020 or better. If you have applications you're migrating to 2020, you will take your original import and export steps.