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InTouch Scripting: PlaySound continuously on Alarms of specific priority

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A script for playing a .wav file with InTouch when alarms of a particular priority occur.

  • Author: Dillon Perera
  • Published: 12/12/2014
  • Applies to: InTouch

How and When to Use this Guide

Used to play a .wav file continuously when an alarm of a specific priority occurs, until the alarm is acknowledged or removed from the alarm display.  This is written for use with the InTouch AlarmViewerCtrl ActiveX.



The following script can be used as a starting point for a customized script. 

First create a window which displays your alarms using the AlarmViewerCtrl.  On the window, add a WindowScript using the script shown below:


Important pieces to modify:

#1 - Adjust to use the name of your AlarmViewerCtl, example #AlarmViewerCtrl1.

#2 - Adjust the criteria for what types of alarms should play a sound.

#3 - Enter information on where the .wav file can be found, and the name of the file.




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