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InTouch Machine Edition Licensing

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Discuss licensing for InTouch Machine Edition (ITME).  

This is incomplete.


  • Author: Dillon Perera
  • Published: 02/02/2015
  • Applies to: InTouch Machine Edition/ITME/Indusoft


How and When to Use this Guide

Unsure how to install/license ITME


Does not use .lic files.  

- Development is licensed by USB dongle.

- Runtime is licensed using softkey


Licensed by Tag Count and Edition:


- 1000 tags

- 3000 tags

Embedded Compact and Embedded Standard (Runtime versions):

- 100 tags w 1 Driver

- 500 tags with 2 drivers

- 1000 tags with 3 drivers

- 2000 tags with 4 drivers

- 3000 tags with 5 drivers




- Double click Setup.  Click Next.  Do not read anything, just keep clicking next.  Reboot.


Licensing (internal consignment license):

If you run the software right after installing (ie: without a license) it will go into a demo mode which allows a total of 40hours for the development software to be open.  I don't know what happens after this time, I'm afraid to test it.


The site has a PDF that goes over licensing in the Demo License section.  Below are summary notes:

- Licensing is by MAC Address.  So if virtualizing you need to be sure your solution doesn't generate new MACs.

- Go to Start > Programs > Wonderware > InTouch Machine Edition > Register.

- If using Win8, C:\Program Files (x86)\Wonderware\InTouch Machine Edition vX.X\Bin and run RunUniReg.exe.

-Select "Softkey", the "Check".  Click through warning.

- It'll say license not found, click Change License.

- Choose your network card, and Copy the Hardware Identifier it displays.

- Go to "" and paste in the hardware identifier from previous step.

- Enter Activation code into the ITME Register window, and hit Authorize.

- If it authorized, click close to exit.  If it did not authorize begin weeping.