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TN - 1217 How To Use Unsupported Characters in Window Names



This article from InSource shows you how to enable the use of unsupported characters in window names within InTouch.

  • Author: Justin Benton
  • Published: 02/16/2022
  • Applies to: InTouch 2020 R2 and Later


In the modern versions of InTouch, unsupported characters in application windows are replaced with Underscores (_) with the only exceptions being Dollar Sign ($) and Pound (#). This could present a problem when migrating older applications that allowed unsupported characters in the window names. For this demonstration, we will address what the process of enabling these characters looks like with a simple space in an application name.

Here is an application window that has a space in the name


If "Window Properties" is accessed, InTouch will check the window for unsupported characters and replace them with the underscore, as so:


A change like this can break script references to windows and cause your application to not function properly. Here is the change you can make to your application's InTouch.ini file in order to enable the use of, in this case, the space character:

  1. Use the InTouch Application Manager to navigate to your application folder and find the InTouch.ini file:


  1. Open the InTouch.ini file, and at the bottom of the list add the entry "WindowNameWithSpecialCharacters=1"


  1. Save your work and restart WindowMaker if its open. You will now be able to use the space in window names.
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