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Connecting InTouch to a database on 64bit OS using ODBC




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When connecting between InTouch and a database (Access/SQL/Etc) you often use a DSN created in Windows ODBC to make the process simpler.  When doing this with a 64bit OS, you will run into problems unless the 32bit version of ODBC is used.



Dillon Perera

Publish Date 9/16/2014

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InTouch Classic, InTouch for System Platform

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All versions

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This tech note only applies to installations of InTouch which are installed on a 64bit Windows Operating System.  If using a 32bit version of the Windows Operating System the location of the ODBC executable will be different, but all other steps for configuring your connection will be the same.

Detailed Steps

 Typically when setting up a Data Source Name (DSN) in Windows you would go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Data Sources (ODBC).  Because InTouch is a 32bit application, it will attempt to connect to the 32bit version of ODBC.  If using a 64bit Windows Operating System (ex: Windows 7 Pro 64bit), if you perform the above steps to open Data Sources (ODBC) it will actually open the 64bit version and not show options for a 32bit version.


To access the 32bit version of ODBC you would need to open it directly from the harddrive.  This can be found in:

In most installations this will be C:\Windows\SysWow64\Odbcad32.exe


The 64bit version of ODBC, which is what is found in Control Panel > Administrative tools is located in:


Note: Both the 32 and 64bit versions of the file have the same name, the only identifying difference is their location on the harddrive.