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TN DR117 Using the Step Table for Batch Reporting in Dream Reports



This article from InSource shows how to utilize the Step Table for Batch Reporting in Dream Reports.  The wizards and built in functionality of Dream Report may be used in alternate ways to provide various options when building reports.

  • Author:  Rich Brooks
  • Published:  12/2/2019
  • Applies to:  Dream Report v4.83 and higher


The following steps walk through an example that uses a Step Table to create a simple Batch Report. 

1.  A driver for Wonderware Historian is configured to use Delta retrieval.


2.  A Time Picker control is added to the report.  It is used for selecting the report end time.


3.  An expression is used to calculate the start time.  The start time is set to be 12 hours before the end time.  43,200 seconds is subtracted from the start time.


4.  A step table is added to the report including the start time, end time, batch, lot, and weight.


5.  The Historian sourced batch number is a unique ID for the report.  Step number based is selected from the list box for the Step Period.


6.  Step data columns are configured for the batch, lot, and weight.


7.  The Last Value is selected for the Statistical Function.  This will provide a snap shot of values just before the batch number changes.


8.  The report displays trends of operating parameters between the start and end time for one or more batches.