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TN DR114 Scheduling Reports in Dream Report


This article from InSource shows how to schedule reports to be generated automatically in Dream Report for Wondware.

  • Author: Rich Brooks
  • Published: 4/23/2019
  • Applies to: Dream Report for Wonderware v8.2 and higher


The first step is to configure the reports settings.  This tech note assumes a report has already been created.  Right-click the report to select Report Settings.


The next step is to select the report file format.  There are various options including Web, PDF, Email, Printer, and Excel.  Choose one or more.


The next step is to enter the report time definition.  Configure from either Monthly/Yearly, Daily/Weekly, or Hours/Minutes/Seconds options.


The next step define the report storage.  This determines where the report files are copied to for the users.


The next step is to enable the runtime configuration.  This is enabled from Runtime | Runtime Configuration on the menu.  Select the Run as Service option to start the service automatically on bootup.


A reboot of the PC is required for the change to be applied.


Open the Runtime Management Console to verify the project is running. following the reboot.


Verify that the reports are being generated by open the reports folder created previously.